Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Also Add to Your Home Value

Your home is a comfortable space for you to relax and live. But it is also an investment that you need to care for and occasionally improve with strategic remodeling. A modern bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in a home, so it must be up-to-date structurally and stylistically.

Currently, master bathroom remodeling projects return about 60% of their cost. This means that while bathroom remodeling adds to the value of your home, finding affordable ways to complete your home improvements can help increase your ROI. Plus, small renovations avoid the need for renovation permits in Atlanta.

Some affordable ideas for a beautiful bathroom include adding a fresh coat of paint, re-flooring with tiles, and using mirrors to your advantage. A bathroom renovation with these affordable ideas can give your bathroom new life while increasing the value of your home.

Add Space to a Small Bathroom

Bathrooms, specifically half baths or powder rooms, can be quite cramped, especially if it has a poor layout. Fortunately, you do not need to tear down a wall and reconfigure your floor plan to make your bathroom feel spacious.

A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint and well-placed mirrors give a small bathroom the feeling of space it needs to entice potential buyers. Other features for remodeling a small bathroom are glass doors for a walk-in shower and avoiding a soaking tub.

  • Fresh paint: Adding a fresh coat of paint in a bathroom covers up years of wear and tear and gives a spacious feel to the room. Light colors that bounce natural light in a bathroom make it appear larger than it actually is. A new coat of paint is a simple, affordable way to refresh your home. Cosmetic remodeling projects like repainting your bathroom offer some of the highest ROIs compared with other home improvements.
  • Mirrors: Bathrooms are the space for big and bold mirrors, like a floor-to-ceiling mirror. They add to the feeling of space, reflect natural light, hide storage areas, and they come in a huge variety of styles.
    Mirrors with built-in lighting make a bold statement and are an excellent focal piece in your bathroom. Alternatively, opt for mirror-fronted cabinets to store toiletries, medications, and skincare products. This is an ideal option for tiny bathrooms, a guest bath, or a powder room.

Focus on Flooring

The flooring of a bathroom needs to be up-to-date and stylish for a bathroom to meet the needs of a modern home. This means bathroom floors must be waterproof and mesh with the room’s design, from the paint to the bathtub and shower design.

One affordable option is ceramic tiling. Popular tile designs, like subway tiles, are compatible with timeless neutral color schemes and give a bathroom a look of elegance without over-the-top prices. There are also bolder color options for an art deco bathroom design. A simple tile floor costs much less than marble floors and other high-quality options while still delivering eye-catching attention to detail.

Add Value to Your Home With Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations create a more functional home and can increase its resale value. But budgeting is crucial to balance the bathroom remodeling cost with the projected ROI. Making small adjustments and additions to your bathroom, such as repainting or replacing the mirrors, are simple, affordable ways to refresh your bathroom.

Now is the time for large or small bathroom remodeling if you are in or near the growing metro Atlanta region. As the region continues to grow and the house values increase, investing in your home can increase its value.

Craftworks Construction provides professional home design in Atlanta, including bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, and custom house building. Contact us to learn more about how we can help remodel your bathroom or any other room in your home.

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