Want to Build a House on Your Land? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Building a home on your land is a momentous undertaking worthy of much pride. To get it right, you need to be prepared with floor plans, a budget estimate, a place to live during your home’s construction, and all the required permits from the Atlanta government.

The complexity and nuances of building on your land lead many people to hire professional home builders. With years of experience in home planning and construction, you can trust Craftworks Construction to build your dream home. We are custom home builders based in metro Atlanta and have built homes in Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, and portions of Dekalb, Gwinnett, and Paulding Counties.

Together, we can make your vision of a home built on your land a reality. Our team helps you create the home plan and build on your lot. Since custom home building centers on trust between the builder and you, our builders provide you with frequent updates.

Find the Perfect Plot

Before you can build a home on your land, you need to find an appropriate lot. First, the land needs to be zoned for residential housing. Craftworks Construction’s real estate expertise assists you in this process. Beyond zoning requirements, the land must have nearby power, cell service, and a municipal water connection to build a home on your lot. If there are no water or sewer hookups available, you need to add a septic system and a well to your building plans.

Homebuilders or arborist companies can clear and grade the property if you need land clearing to build on your lot.

Design Your Dream Home

Once you have a good piece of land to build on, it is time to create the blueprint for your home. You should factor in the plot of land and surrounding homes when designing your home.

The utility hookups determine some design features, and your budget may change depending on the surrounding homes’ values. This is also the time to incorporate energy-efficient design features like solar power roofs or double-paned windows.

If you want your custom home to have a good return on investment, then your custom home can’t cost more to build than surrounding homes sell for. The more expensive your house is compared to the surrounding neighborhood, the lower return on investment you are likely to get.

As for the home’s design, Craftworks Construction professionals in home design in Atlanta can work with you in our design center to ensure we build a house that aligns with your vision. We are experts in designing and building luxury homes in every style, from modern to vintage and anything in between.

Finance the Construction

After the design is complete, your land is cleared, and you have the necessary permits, your building team can start construction. You will likely need a construction loan to begin your project.

Construction loans are short-term loans paid off in a timeframe determined by the construction timeline. Most lenders require borrowers to provide their construction plan and budget to get approved for a loan.

Once the home is complete, you may want a construction to permanent loan, which combines the construction loan and a regular home mortgage. This process can reduce your interest rate and consolidate the loans into one payment.

Get in Touch With Professional Home Builders

Building a home on your land starts with finding appropriate land and continues with designing and constructing the home. There are many legal and safety considerations throughout the process, and a professional home builder can help.

From getting permits to using industry connections to score flooring for a low cost per square foot, custom home builders can help you build your dream home on your land.

Contact Craftworks Construction to learn more about our home building and renovation services.

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